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When you visit the Vaucluse, you will find numerous villages built on the hillsides. Cairanne is very much a part of this terrain, hence its designation as a “ village perche.” Standing at the centre of the parish, it overlooks the entire vineyard.

Over the past decades, the hard work and determination of all its winemakers have contributed to the reputation of Cairanne wines. The vineyard of Domaine Armand has been created for more than 80 years and covers 38 hectares, demanding a great deal of hard work and care every day.

This is a family estate passionated about wine and  the greatest respect for its terroir, believing that in this way they will get the very best from its vines and wines. The family takes great pleasure in inviting others to learn about their work of the vineyard and their authentic wines.
The diversity of our “terroirs” gives a great typicity of wines.

The vines are cultivated traditionally with ploughing, debudding, and spraying limited to strict necessity, all of which upholds our policy of maximum respect for the environment.

Harvesting is only by hand, which enables us to sort every bunch of grapes in the vineyard after a careful selection by grape variety and plot.

The grapes are transported to our cellar, rigorously processed throughout the vinification and regularly monitored by our oenologist.The Domaine uses the best modern techniques: destemming, strict temperature control and pneumatic pressing.